Chelse Yokov · Trainer

Chelse began to find her interest in animals after volunteering for a local shelter during her high school years. After working for a few dog kennels and boarding centers in the bay area, she began her first job as a group play counselor at Bayside Bed and Biscuit. She quickly found her passion when bonding with the animals in group play. Eager to expand her interest in dog training, she moved to Austin Tx to attend school.

Chelse is a graduate from Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers, and has been studying Canine body language for 4 years. When she moved back to her hometown in Houston, she was more than happy to come back to Bayside and further her career in dog training. Her goal is to better the relationship between the owners and their faithful companions. From group play to home manners, the relationship between the owner and their dog speaks volumes about their behavior. Chelse has learned to adapt this relationship and create meaningful results.

Chelse is fluent in balanced training techniques but evaluates each dog to find the best training style for that individual. She is constantly furthering her education by reading books, taking classes and attending seminars. She aspires to continue learning canine behavior to share knowledge with dog lovers and clients alike.

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