Kaitlin · Trainer

Kaitlin’s always had a love for animals, especially dogs as there has never been a time in her life where there wasn't a dog around. After working previous jobs that didn’t bring happiness she started at Bayside Bed and Biscuit working in our group play yard in 2016 and she fell in love with bonding with each dog and getting to know each of their different personalities. While working in our group play yard Kaitlin found herself often wondering why the dogs did certain behaviors and what she could do to help them, sparking an interest in learning and researching canine behavior so she could better understand the dogs she was looking after.

Kaitlin quickly realized she wanted to do more which led to her decision to attend Starmark Academy for professional dog trainers in April 2018. Upon graduation, Kaitlin applied for and was granted an apprenticeship through Starmark Academy allowing her to experience working with different dogs/breeds/temperaments while still given the chance to continue to grow and learn under her mentors.

After moving back home she was ecstatic to come back to Bayside Bed and Biscuit as part of the training team where her passion started. Kaitlin has 3 dogs of her own, Trudy a Pitbull, Sheldon a dachshund and Dixon a golden-doodle. In her free time she enjoys hiking with them, teaching them new tricks, and working on obedience. Kaitlin is looking forward to helping dog owners better understand and create a stronger bond with their furry companions.

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