Trisha Murphy · CKO, Chief Executive Officer, Captain

Trisha Murphy is our multi-talented Captain at Bayside. Her love for pets began at a very early age when she opened her heart (and parent’s home) to many 4-legged kids. Trisha learned a vast and varied amount of knowledge with her work in the pet boarding field for more than 25 years. Trish is a Certified Kennel Operator, served as ABKA’s section chair for dog boarding facilities, and contributed a monthly column in the Pet Services Journal. She is a member in good standing with IBPSA and PACC. She’s also been a presenter at many conferences, and offers guidance and advice as a consultant. These attributes, along with her education, business acumen, and all of her other qualities, fit perfectly with Bayside’s operation and vision, making her the perfect Captain. When you meet Trish, you’ll know that she sincerely care about your pets, and that she cares about you and your satisfaction too. Trish and her husband, Dr. Trent Murphy, have two children and two dogs; Tank – a yellow lab and Penelope – a golden retriever.

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