Our Facility

Bayside Bed & Biscuit is a state-of-the-art pet care facility offering fun and adventure in a safe, loving and comfortable environment. 

Training & "Cool Down" Building

Our training building is 1,500 feet of open range for our Behavior Coaches to spread out with their students. All group classes are held in this building, so that classes are given in a weather-free environment. As in the playroom, the training building floor is also rubberized for your pet's comfort. 

Splash Pad

We just finished construction of our new Splash Pad area and installed K-9 grass in the main yard of the Cool Down Building for your group player’s enjoyment. 

Play Yards

Our play yards are complete with Tiffway grass, specially designed to hold up to high traffic volumes. We have 8 yards dedicated to the quarter deck and its guests. Each guest is taken out individually, with the exception being members of the same family. Our deckhands are fanatics about cleanliness, therefore we can always guarantee a squeaky clean yard for their playtime! With a recent addition of over 5,000 square feet of fenced area, we are now holding our big dog play group in this area for optimal space. 

Health & Security

Bayside Bed & Biscuit maintains continual, 24-hour security to safeguard all of our guests. We also offer a healthy pet program for just $10 per pet during their stay. Ask your Cruise Director for more information upon check-in. Should a medical problem arise while your pet is in our care, we will immediately contact you (or your emergency contact) and your veterinarian for the proper treatment. If your veterinarian cannot be reached, we will use the services of Bayside Animal Hospital, our own veterinarians, who are on call 24 hours a day, or a local Emergency Clinic.

Climate Control & Cleanliness

The latest environmental control techniques for both temperature and humidity ensure uniform comfort, regardless of outside weather conditions. A unique fresh-air exchange system clears and circulates air without creating drafts for our feline and canine guests. At Bayside Bed & Biscuit, we are fanatics about cleanliness and proud of it. All rooms are cleaned daily and disinfected to hospital standards by a modern high-pressure washing system. This system and our knowledgeable staff help keep away unwanted guests such as fleas, ticks, germs and bacteria.

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