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Bayside is an amazing place to take your pets! I take my dog once a week and she comes home exhausted! She's also acting friendlier around other dogs and she gets soooo excited to get in the car when I tell her where we're going. The staff always remembers her name and she never comes home dirty or smelling like she's played with 50 dogs all day - very important!

We also had a great experience today at the vet with my cat; he's very anxious and really only likes our dog and us (sort of) and the staff knew exactly how to handle him. Normally when he goes to the vet he is hiding under the bed for two days afterward, but now he's lounging in our coffee table and being chatty after having three shots! They didn't try to force him to do anything and let him come out of his kennel at his own pace. Dr. Shepherd and Jenneth and the front desk staff are AMAZING and I'll be a lifelong customer. Thank you so much Bayside!

— Jessica on Yelp

Immediately after my friend suggested BB&B, I stopped by for a walkthrough. They happily agreed to give me a tour (with no notice). During the tour, I noticed plenty of staff (all in great moods) and clean kennels. I trusted my dog with them several times and each time she comes back happy and healthy.

— Stephanie on Google

Bayside is the best! Our Honey loved going here for daycare. She would get so excited when we would drive up and run through the gate to her friends. Normally she has separation anxiety, so that tells you how awesome this place is! The outdoor area is HUGE! There is also a big covered area as well. The staff at Bayside was always friendly and attentive to all needs. Her paws would get sore from running, so they would put special balm on her paws. She was always well taken care of. She even had a favorite staff member who would play ball with her. I always felt comfortable dropping her off here. Especially loved that there is a vet next door in case anything did happen. Honey was boarded here one Christmas and it was a great experience. The facility is clean, and the suites with the tvs make it seem like home. The Bayside store has a huge assortment of toys, collars and treats. Honey got many of her favorite babies from here. Sadly, we had to move to Arizona, and I haven't found a place even comparable to Bayside. If you are looking for daycares, you can stop now because this is your place!

— Chelsea on Facebook

I've been fortunate thus far in not having to board my Great Dane, but the time came this past weekend that this would change. I know several people that have boarded their dogs (labs, boxers) with Bayside Bed and Biscuit and they never had any problems and the dogs all love going there. Well, after my dog's first experience with the staff at Bed and Biscuit, he will definitely be going back for our future vacations. He tolerated being there better than most danes (it's common for them to have separation problems), his bath went well and his nail trimming went well. He wasn't shy at all with the staff and actually sat in one of their laps. Overall, I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to board their dog.

— Kirsten on Yelp


I have been extremely hesitant to board my Shar Pei who was rescued from an extremely abusive situation. I discovered BB&B, and thought I'd check it out. I showed up, unexpected, but was welcomed in for a tour of the facility. Everyone was super warm and friendly, the facility was spotless, the dogs looked happy and relaxed (remember… this was a completely impromptu visit), and I was very impressed. I took my Ally a couple times for just the day care to acclimate her to this new experience and she loved it! I have boarded her now many times, some upwards of 7 nights, and I have to honestly say that I think she comes home looking better than she arrived!! Happy, exercised, good weight on her back and smelling fresh after her time at the spa!! Ally is over the top, seriously over the top, with separation anxiety. She cries and struggles when I leave her, but I can see the minute she turns her back and heads into the facility, or out into the play group area, I am forgotten and the fun begins. All the employees are happy to fill me in when I call to check on my baby, her "report card" after her stay seems to truly be thought out (not just a quick "your dog did great" type of deal). All I can say is that from a VERY apprehensive and new to this idea dog owner, this has been a wonderful experience all around. Thank you Bayside Bed & Biscuit!

— Vanessa on Facebook

Really wouldn't even matter if I liked this place (which I do) because Libby & Chipper LOVE it here!!!! Highly recommend bringing your babies. Day care or group play. Did I say we love it here? 2 Thumbs & 4 paws up!!!!

— Cindy on Google

I ADORE this place and everyone who works here! They are so kind and accommodating, the price is great and my dog loves it too - she flies to the car when I tell her we're going. If I could give 10 stars I would, thank you so much Bayside!

— Jessica on Facebook

A friend recommended this place and I am so impressed! How is it that everyone who has dogs doesn't board here? The staff is super friendly and very professional. The accommodations were clean and my dog is alive and well!! Seriously, the staff is so amazing. You have to experience this for yourself to understand.

— Stephanie on Yelp

Connor LOVED his first day at daycare today! So much he could hardly keep his eyes open on the drive home! Thank you Bayside! He can't wait to come back to tomorrow for more fun!

— Molly on Facebook

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