Bayside Training & Behavioral School

We offer a variety of training options ideal for all dogs, irrespective of their age or breed.  You will be paired with a Behavior Coach to help you discover your dog's hidden potential through basic obedience and socialization skills.  This will build a stronger and clearer connection between you and your dog.  Our Behavior Coaches understand that every dog is different, so they create a unique training program that works best for you and your dog.


Boarding School

The best option for families with busy schedules or if you need to board your dog & add training while here.

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Day School

Designed for the maximum amount of learning while allowing your dog to spend evenings & weekends at home.

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Private Lessons

Private lessons at Bayside, in your home, or at a dog-friendly public place designed for your dog's specific needs.

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Group Classes

We have many group class options available throughout the year.

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Puppy Day Out

Get your pup off to a great start!

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