Group Classes

Bayside’s Canine Behavioral School has many group class options available throughout the year. Classes are specifically designed so that you can participate in all parts of training with your dog, alongside other people with similar interest and needs. Although classes are set up to manage multiple people and dogs, we still believe quality over quantity is most important in training. Because of this, space is very limited. Each of our classes meet for 1 hour per week and run for 6 consecutive weeks. 

Class Descriptions

Puppy Skills - $175

Start your puppy off on the right foot by learning polite manners as well as socialization skills. This class is geared for puppies 10 weeks to 4 months and covers the following commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Recall/Name recognition, intro to loose leash walking, and place stay or “go to bed”. Additional things covered are house training, crate training, chewing, jumping, biting and barking.

Basic Obedience - $175

Tailored for dogs 6 months and older, this class is designed to help teach you and your dog the foundation of basic obedience including, but not limited to; sit, down, stay, recall/coming when called, loose leash walking, place stay or “go to bed”, leave it and waiting at doors and curbs. Behavior problems such as digging, chewing, jumping, furniture etiquette, and barking will be addressed in addition to the obedience commands.

Advanced Obedience - $175

This class is specifically designed for dogs who have already graduated from one of our previous classes or meet the criteria required in order to participate. Please contact us for more information.

K9 Nosework - $165

This sport is for dogs of all ages with the goal being to have FUN! Nosework is a great way to physically and mentally exercise your dog while building confidence. This class is designed to harness your dog’s natural scenting ability and to motivate them to work for food and/or toys. You will learn how to read your dog’s body language, teach your dog to search on cue, basic scent theory and how to trust your dog.

For more information please call (281) 334-9663 x217 or email our Behavior Team.

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